Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Courageous Carter

We found out that my brother's 2nd oldest child (the handsome boy above in the yellow shirt) has leukemia. Carter is just a few weeks younger than Alec, and having gone through the cancer thing twice with Chris, we have a pretty good idea of how much this is going to suck for Justin, Radene, Carter and his siblings.  We thought of ways to help and decided that on his treatment days we could all wear his favorite color, green, to let him know we're praying for him, and cheering for him even though we're too far away to visit him and bring him treats. All of the kids have been praying for him in every prayer.  

Also during the week that Carter lost his hair we shaved Freddy and Charlie's head to support him through that uncomfortable change. I managed to buzz a C into the sides of their head too.  

On the honest side of things, I feel such pressure (only from my own desires!) to do something PERFECT to help them since I'm supposed to know how it goes...but thinking back to my own experience I feel like when it comes down to it... there's not a whole lot of practical and actually helpful things (besides trying to cheer them up) that we can do for them since the worst parts (and even most of the mundane easy parts) of it has to be done or decided or experienced by them and them alone.  And I feel this weird sense of defeatist despair that has prevented me from putting together any kind of package to send them like my sister (and I'm sure many other wonderful people) have.  I don't really get it, so the guilt mounts.  Its another eye opening experience to be on the other end of this cancer thing...I have more compassion for the people who want to help.) 

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