Sunday, November 6, 2016

curtains, preschool, soccer, wrestling, dedication

I finally finished the curtains in my bedroom.  The arched window was really difficult to figure out. I wanted to maintain the beauty of the arch, and not hide it behind a bar going across it or above it, but I also wanted the be able to see through as much of the window as possible.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out, even though it didn't look terrible before, I just love getting things closer to how I imagine it. I wish I could just turn my brain off sometimes though because I often imagine things that don't exist. 

I haven't kept up with the preschool with just Freddy. Its so much easier to just let him entertain himself with toys and whatnot. But he asks for it often and sometimes I will drop whatever project or household duty I'm trying to accomplish and impromptu a preschool for him. This particular day we learned about leaves and went on a nature walk and made a collage. (Can you see in the background of that picture the cheetah stuffed animal sitting on the carpet? Freddy wanted to have classmates so we set out the stuffed animals and he helped them answer questions and participate in the songs and doing the calendar, etc. Cute kid)

Charlie's last soccer game couldn't have come any sooner! Its so busy with all the stuff the kids are involved in and it was starting to get 'cold' watching the games. (I feel like I have to put quotation marks around the word cold now because after experiencing Edmonton cold, everything else just seems not as legit.)  We were really lucky that not 1 game got canceled due to weather. It has been such a warm and dry fall! Practically the whole state is on a burn ban.

I love it when Chris does a serious wrestling match with the kids. It usually happens on a Sunday and it starts to get more and more elaborate as the years go by. This time the kids initiated an opening ceremony where they have to march in a line into the room as Chris announces the match.  Then the rules are that the if Chris pins one kid, they have to sit out on the bean bag for 25 seconds before coming back in and if Chris can pin the rest of the kids within that time frame then he wins. If the kids pin Chris down, they win. Sometimes I jump in after a while and help the kids, but this time, they pinned him all on their own.

Our building was officially dedicated today.  We had a potluck lunch after to celebrate as a branch. It was very interesting to hear so much history from people who have lived in this area way long ago when the efforts to get a building first started. I'm so grateful for their efforts. I never thought about that before and here I get to enjoy the fruits of their labors! Also during the 2nd hour I was in charge of having an 'Its great to be 8' meeting for the 8 year olds (and soon to be's) and their parents to talk about Baptism.  Even though we were super short on time, I'm glad it happened and I think it went well. Thanks go to Pinterest for the donuts-in-a-bag-to-make-the-number-8 treat idea.  I also enjoyed putting together a bouquet for the chapel to make the occasion look a little extra special.  I wish I could take a flower arranging class or something, I really enjoy doing it!

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