Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving at home

We started a 'Thankful wall' at the beginning of November. Not because we wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving in some meaningful way but because we literally needed to have SOMETHING to use to get the kids to stop complaining about EVERYTHING. We used it as a consequence for whining, although we tried to not make it seem like a punishment. It was pretty funny some of the stuff the kids wrote on there. 

I was nervous about the double whammy of staying home and not having any family come and stay for Thanksgiving. I was afraid we'd be lonely and sad...especially after a good portion of us getting sick towards the beginning of the week. Turns out the whole week was really restful and enjoyable! I had fun doing some pre-thanksgiving cooking in the kitchen while I watched Chris and the kids start a big lego project: resurrect the pirate ship Chris got for Christmas when he was a kid.  

Even when I had to give up my plans of having a fun day out in Birmingham to go to the temple and Costco and do something fun with the kids, we still kept a good attitude. The kids didn't have to try too hard since we still ended up driving up to Tupelo and letting the kids play in Chuck-e-cheese for an few hours.

We had taken it so easy and prepared well the days leading up to thanksgiving that on the actual morning of we only had 1 pie to make and the turkey. We invited our good friends, the Gine's over and also a new couple from our branch, Karlie and Levi.

We just chatted and set up, then chatted and ate, then chatted and cleaned up while the kids played and football games streamed on the TV. Everything tasted so good and the company was really comfortable and interesting.  It is so nice to have friends that are practically family.  Although if you ask Chris, he wouldn't be able to say it was a culinary success since some of our favorite things we didn't quite make as good as we like them. Note to future selevs: grapefruit juice in the slush is not a good idea.. it is quite bitter and flavorless, also even if it looks really runny, don't cook the vanilla pudding too long for the banana cream pie because there is such a thing as too-firm for a pudding.  When everyone left for other engagements and Chris and I put the kids to bed and enjoyed a movie on the couch together.... our favorite thing. By Saturday we were all feeling a little better and able to start on a project: getting more organized and set up in the garage. We're going to put some insulation and peg board up by the tool bench and some shelves up along the back.  Here's the before picture:

We'll get an after picture when we finish it... whenever that ends up being!

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