Sunday, December 25, 2016


Christmas Eve we made Challah bread and went around to our neighbors and caroled. We made Chris' family's traditional clam chowder for dinner and unwrapped our Christmas jammies (my family's tradition). This year to save money for Disneyland, we recycled previous years jammies and I found some new Christmas socks for everyone for a few dollars.  We managed to put the camera on a mini tripod thing and take some traditional pictures: tallest to shortest, pyramid, and family shots.  Because our kids would need to come through the room where Santa will put his presents to get to our room, we decided to have a family sleep over in our bedroom so we could all be together in the morning. We all cuddled in our big bed while Chris read a book that depicted the nativity and matched Christmas hymns with each part of the story so we all sang along too. Then we tried to get the kids to fall asleep on the bed together, listening to stories being read on my phone from the Friend magazine. It didn't really work. We had to separate some and moved them to a big memory foam pad on the floor in the corner we brought in just for that reason.  (Plus, I can't sleep well with little ones kicking me, so the plan was to move them all onto the floor after they fell asleep). Chris and I still had some work to do to get ready for Christmas: clean up, make jello, assemble overnight sticky buns, and omelet muffins and some other things... :) 

Surprisingly they fell asleep pretty well after moving some off the bed, and Chris and I had done a good job getting ready during the previous week that we had time to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie before going to bed. 

Christmas morning the kids woke up around 6:30 and I popped out of bed for a second to get the eggs and sticky buns in the oven. Then we lined the kids up on the stairs to the family room... youngest to oldest - per tradition. The next hour and a half was a happy morning of opening Santa's gifts, playing with them and eating a yummy breakfast. Alec and Charlie loved the 25 foot BlueTrak race track, Freddy sorta liked the Magnadoodle (but he really loved all the candy in his stocking) and I think Gwen was pleased with her huge doll house and dolls. We just need to make some furniture for it. We paused the merriment at 7:30 so we could get ready for church and still get there 30 minutes early to make sure everything was in order. It was very fun to drive to church WITH Chris, for once.

Church was sweet. It was very fitting to partake of the Sacrament on Christmas Day. We sang a bunch of hymns and had a short speaker. It only lasted about an hour. It was fun to see some fellow branch members and wish them a Merry Christmas, ON Christmas. Then we headed home to change back into our pajamas and unwrap the presents under the tree. We had prepped the kids that there wouldn't be very many since we had all agreed to not buy any presents for each other this year to save money for Disneyland.  So when the kids saw all the presents that there actually was from Grandparents, and cousins and Great Grandparents etc, they were pleasantly surprised. It was cute to see the presents they had wrapped to make for each other (mostly drawings by Charlie, but Alec folded a hand towel in the shape of a Teddy Bear for Gwen). Chris introduced the boys to risk and everyone put together their legos. We found out at church that a single guy from our Branch didn't have any plans for Christmas dinner, so we invited him over to join us.  One benefit to having someone over is that it really forces me to tidy up (which I REALLY enjoy having had done)..although in the true spirit of a typical Christmas I left the present and toy tornado stay in the family room and play room and just focused on tidying the kitchen. We had a mini Thanksgiving with a turkey (just the breasts), stuffing, cranberry sauce, jello, challah bread, peas, mashed potatoes, and gravy. It was all delicious...although it was a little more work than I had realized when we decided to do it. :) 

Chris and I ended the day with starting a crazy hard puzzle. (that we finished a week later)

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Heather said...

Sounds like a heavenly day! ❤️