Saturday, December 17, 2016

Freddy's birthday

Our darling Frederick turned 3! We started the day like normal with breakfast in bed: (gotta love frozen left over pancakes)

Then we finished making the frosting for his cake.

Even though we were not buying presents this year to save for Disneyland next month, we knew Frederick would have a hard time understanding that. We wrapped up an old (but new to him) soccer jersey that Alec and Charlie loved when they were his age, and also wrapped up some homemade gifts from his siblings and gifts from grandparents. It was perfect! We let him open the soccer jersey present early. This kid LIVES in soccer uniforms, complete with cleats... but now he has real soccer socks to go with them. He was pretty much smiling all day.

We opened the rest of the presents after lunch with cake and ice cream. He borrowed an batman cape and mask from a friend a few months ago and wore it every day for the week that we had it. So I helped my mom pick out a cape and mask set to give him for his birthday and made a batman cake for him. Chris decorated it. 

Gwen had a birthday party for a friend at Chick-fil-et that night and the rest of our family joined us there for Freddy's brithday dinner. Frederick didn't really want to part with any of his presents at bedtime so we spread them out on his floor. 

Frederick is CONSTANTLY moving: running, jumping, hopping on one foot, somersaulting, throwing, kicking, diving, rolling, sliding...whatever. I get random strangers asking me every now and then, "Is he always like this?" Yes, yes he is. But he also is almost always happy and smiling. He loves to cuddle and will pause for a few seconds laying his head on your shoulder with his arms wrapped tight around your neck (sometimes half of a minute if he's tired or just woke up).  In fact just yesterday he woke up from a nap and Charlie was getting him excited to watch screen time and kept saying, "Freddy come here! screen time!" but Freddy just stayed where he was (on my lap giving me the type of hug I just described) and said, "I'm hugging mommy."  He has the sweetest little voice when he says prayers and often reminds me at his bedtime or a meal "but we din-nent say pay-ohs yet."  He loves playing with his siblings or parents: catch, games, pretending house, or just 'being' stuffed animals. He loves to make a "foh-tress" with pillows and blankets and he loves to be read to. That is the only way to get him to stay still...or watching screen time. His favorite shows are Chuggington, Daniel Tiger, and Rescue Bots. He likes any time of pretend play where he gets to "save the day." The other day, Chris asked him to help him do something (I don't remember what.. maybe pick up toys, or bring Chris something from across the room) and Freddy replied, "No, I ah-weddy saved the day".  He also loves to sing and has most of his favorite show songs memorized. During Christmas I was so surprised at how quickly he picked up phrases in lots of the Christmas songs.  He really is such a joy in our lives, to all of us...even random strangers as he waves to them in his batman mask and cape over his soccer uniform.

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