Friday, December 23, 2016

Getting Ready for Christmas

The weather finally cooperated and stopped raining long enough for us to go pick a tree out at a little farm in the next town over. I felt a little bit like I was trespassing since the farm was just run on somebody's personal property. The pickings were really slim and still a bit pricey and they didn't have the kinds of trees that I think of as normal Christmas trees... the needles grew flat. But I tried hard not to be disappointed and just be grateful for a live tree. By the time we got it all decorated, I was surprised how much it looked like a regular Christmas tree. yipee! We stood it on some food storage cans to give it a little bit more height so it would look a little more fitting in our vaulted ceilings.

Since we weren't traveling home for Christmas, I dreamed up the idea of it being a good year to finish projects! As hard as it will be to not see family or be around family for any of the Christmas traditions, I could look forward to relaxing days at home, reading books, doing puzzles, getting projects accomplished. Chris was even going to be home a week before the kids were out of school. How fun, right?! Somehow my days got filled up with stuff (chris had to go into work for a day and a half, kids' classroom parties, a postponed shopping trip with a friend, morning gym, piano lessons, babysitting for a friend, etc... that Chris and I actually felt like we barely got to see each other that week! We did manage to do one day of projects together...helping Santa out.

We've never had real stockings yet for our little family. We've used dollar store traditional red with white fur trim for the past few years to be stand-ins while I was on the hunt for just the right set of fabric so I could make ours.  This year, I just found some online that I liked and ordered them! I was able to personalize them just how I like with trimming back the top white trim and embroidering our names on them. I love them.  Also I finished a Christmas wreath for our front door and also two more projects for decorations that I've had to materials for for at least 5 years.

Chris finished burning our stump outside our bedroom window after the burn ban was lifted with all the rain we got at the beginning of December. The boys loved being 'firemen' and spraying water around the edge of it every time the surrounding grass caught on fire. 

We had some mild days with beautiful weather and gorgeous sunsets.

Then the kids got out of school a whole week before Christmas! We went to the skating rink one day and met friends at a park on another. We worked on Christmas cards and stayed in our pajamas until late afternoon. I only ran once. I was worried that Chris and the kids would take this vacation from work and school to heart and just leave messes for me to pick up everywhere... since I reach my messy limit faster than they do. But I let Chris know of my concerns in advance and he did a REALLY REALLY good job taking a fair share of getting meals started, and table cleared and kept the dishwasher busy etc.  

The kids earned lots of screen time (the PC Minecraft version we bought a year or so ago finally works on our new computer!!), doing their jobs and practicing the piano. They LOVED playing the Christmas songs.. especially the ones from the easy books. They each would just sit and play through the easy songs a couple of times a day just for the fun of it.

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