Friday, December 9, 2016

Its the most wonderful time of the year... #Lighttheworld

We had planned to go get a tree the weekend after Thanksgiving but the weather wouldn't cooperate with us. So we got out all the other Christmas Decorations up. We put our old little fake tree in the playroom and let the kids decorate that with ornaments that are more kid-friendly. I really wanted to focus this Christmas on Christ and got so excited for our church's  #LighttheWorld initiative. We were challenged to light the world in 25 ways over 25 days. I had already planned on studying the attributes of Christ over the holidays with the kids so we just melded the two together.  We assigned the kids one day a week to be in charge of a short Light the World devotional: name the attribute of Christ, find a scripture of him demonstrating that, read a story or tell an experience or come up with questions to connect that attribute with our own lives.  At the end of the devotional we would each make a goal for the next day on how we would try to follow Christ with that specific attribute.  Then at the beginning of the next one we would write down any completed goals on little construction paper Christmas lights so we could string them up on the wall.  I wanted to have a nice kick-off meeting in the glow of the first tree and create this wonderful peaceful spiritual experience for my kids. 

If only we could make life happen the way we want. In the end, some surly behavior from the kids kinda ruined it and I was unable to handle it well... so we scrapped it and just went to bed that first night.

The first week of December went really well with our Light the World devotionals. Everyone was happy to prepare and give their devotional and I enjoyed the extra one-on-one time with each child as I helped them learn how to use the Topical Guide and research the scriptures/church websites.  We set and accomplished some good goals including: making a magic show for our cousin/nephew who is dealing with cancer to be like Christ and 'heal' the sick, we called our great grandma and played the piano for her to be like Christ and visit the lonely, the kids looked for kids at school who didn't have anyone to play with and played with them to be like Christ and show compassion etc...  BUT.... like all big dreams of mine... we kinda fizzled out a bit. The last two weeks of school got busy and it was hard to find the evening time all together before bedtime.  We still tried to talk about it and make goals and managed to still do some service that we wouldn't have done otherwise but it wasn't as deliberate and thoughtful as our first week.

Some friends and I decided to get together to run in the mornings, twice a week at 5:00am! AH! so early. But then I got home by 6:00 and still had 15-20 minutes to myself for scripture study before having to get kids up for school.  One morning it was super foggy and just so gorgeous.

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