Thursday, January 19, 2017

Preschool with Freddy

Freddy loves to do preschool with me.  I don't do it very often with him because its easy to get caught up with other stuff that needs to get done.  We probably do one session every 2 weeks or so and I don't prep for it AT ALL. I just fly by the seat of my pants and try to throw something together. Man, I really hope I can get some other kids involved with us next year so I put more thought and focus into it.  It makes me feel bad that I don't make it more of a priority just for Freddy. Sigh. Alas, I'll add it to the list of things to work on and just move forward the best I can.  This past week we did a preschool on snow.  We sang songs about snow, read books about snow, cut out snowflakes and made a snowman out of marshmallows. Its so much fun watching Freddy sing songs with me, and play with me. He looks at me with such love, it kinda indescribable how that makes me feel -- you'd think with all that good feeling I would actually spend more one-on-one time with him!  When we pick up the kids from school the first thing Freddy will say is, "I do preschool today!"  The kids are so sweet with him and ask him questions about what he did and say cute adult comments like, "that sounds like fun!" in a high, gentle voice. 

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