Sunday, January 1, 2017

Texas then NewYears

  Freddy is in love with Jane. Anytime I tell him we're going to meet his friends somewhere he always asks excitedly "Jane? with Jane? Jane be there?" (Except he pronounces it 'Jame')  So he, of all people was super excited to go to "Jame's house!"  We made it to Thom and Brittany's house late Monday night. They are always so sweet to let us arrive so late and they have everything ready for us.Tuesday, Brittney and I got a good run in in the morning. I can barely make it through 3 miles and at such a slow pace for Brittany. I feel back holding her back but its nice to have a 'therapy' session with her.  The weather was great and we met her extended family at a park for a hot dog roast and let the kids run wild. 

 Another day we met them at this climbing place for kids while Chris and Thom golfed. We finished at the climbing place just in time to come and meet them on 18 green to watch them finish out.  Brittany and I trying to find 18 green with 8 kids in tow was quite a site, but for the most part the kids were quiet and respectful of the course. Chris would probably want me to comment on how the round went. Lets see if I can remember it... as I was privy to a detailed round recap.  Um... something about it being Match Play, and Thom winning that by one stroke that could've been a tie if Chris had made his first putt on 18.  But also Chris won if you were just looking at strokes... but they weren't so Thom really won. But Chris sorta won too.  Also maybe Chris had some birdies on the front nine. I think that's all I got.  

Brittany and I got to have a girls morning and go see a movie with her sister and then go out to lunch and then Chris and Thom went to play tennis one night, letting Brittany and I continue our therapy session.  I love talking with Brittany.  Then the last night, Brittany arranged some babysitting so we could all go to the temple. We were supposed to go with some of her siblings and parents but lots of people were sick so it ended up just being the 4 of us. It was SO NICE to only drive 40 minutes to the temple and to be able to go WITH Chris in the same session.  We ate at a yummy Thai restaurant after.  And then the greatest thing was having the sweet YW who babysat for us, say that they don't charge for temple trips!  I know God will bless those girls for their selfless service. I know 8 kids under the age of 10 isn't easy!

Then we drove home Friday. It was nice to unpack and settle a bit before New Years Eve and New Years day on Sunday. We didn't have any major plans for New Years. We let the kids 'stay up' a bit. We put Freddy to bed almost like normal, and then got out some treats like redvines, peanut M&Ms, chex mix, and little soda cans and we played Phase 10. I think Gwen said something like, "This is the best party ever!" or something.  I guess having access to unlimited treats while staying up late is a pretty awesome party for Archibalds. :)  We found a count down on Netflix and it was so cute to see the kids get so excited to count down from 10. (probably because they didn't realize it wasn't the ACTUAL countdown yet...which makes me wonder if we're terrible parents to sorta trick our kids like that) Anyway. Chris and I got to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie that ended SECONDS before the New Year hit. We rang in the new year in style with a bottle of Martinellis. 

Sunday was the next day. Church at 9 and Chris and I still in charge of a lot of stuff while most people are out of town. Freddy is now a sunbeam!! Ah! I have all of my kids in primary with me and we have Jr. and Sr.s combined for sharing time/singing time. Its very fun to be with them. Here are pictures I took of them after we cut out hearts and wrote how we'll follow Jesus and show love to others that we'll send in to the Friend. 

We came home and FINALLY put together our gingerbread nativity scene that we had baked and cut out before Christmas. We froze it while we were in Texas. It was fun to make. Gwen did a great job on the angel, Alec, the manger with baby Jesus, and Charlie did the star. Freddy mostly just liked piling the candy on the sheep and shepherds but at one point put life savors on as eyes for some of the shepherds and then said, "Look big eyes!" He had a long Good n Plenty going down for the nose and for some reason we all thought this was super funny. We were all laughing pretty hard.  Fun memory.