Friday, February 17, 2017

Valentines Day fun

We had some fun Valentine's Day parties at the kids schools. At HWS (Alec and Charlie's school) Valentines is one of the two parties allowed all year. The school also issued a mandatory time frame for the parties (after 2:00 pm). This meant I had to split time between Alec's and Charlie's and then get them out of school a bit early. Gwen's party was the Friday before Vday and her teacher, Ms. Walker planed fun centers for the kids. Freddy really enjoys going to visit the kids in school. I always come away with more sympathy for I see first hand what kind of behavior/environment/rules they're around for the bulk of their days. They all have great teachers, but still...its hard to keep yourself in line in a strict environment with some kids acting so tough and angry a lot of the time.

Our Relief Society put on our branch Valentines Dance again.. complete with a photo booth. They had balloons on the floor and it was a big hit with the kids running around playing with them. 

 With our remodel ongoing and having just gone to Disneyland, Chris and I had too much going on to focus on doing something big and special for each other. But I couldn't let the day pass without SOME kind of gesture of love, so the kids and I decided to surprise him at work with a candy bar from a gas station. Freddy (b/c of the class parties) didn't get a nap and fell asleep in the car after school. I was able to unbuckle him and carry him up to Chris without waking him up..he even stayed asleep as Chris held him for a while to give me a break and carried him back down to the car and buckled him up again. Ha! We got a babysitter and went out to eat at the Indian Restaurant on Friday - Indian food around Valentines has sort of become a tradition for us.

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