Thursday, March 30, 2017

Everyday Cuteness

Freddy helping me practice preschool lessons and take promotional pictures.

One morning I went to wake Gwen up for school and found her and Charlie already awake, reading books to Freddy all cuddely on the floor in the corner.

Freddy loves his giant turtle stuffed animal he got for his birthday from G&G Archibald.

Freddy hung up all his stuffed animals before falling asleep for a nap.

The kids rescued old fan blades from the dumpster and thought they would be perfect Cricket bats (Chris has recently enjoyed watching Cricket on the ESPN roku app)

Gwen sometimes lets me do her hair for church and then asks me to take a picture of it so she can see it.

Charlie and his soccer team during half time...Charlie likes to hide from me when I try to take pictures of him.

Frederick had been upstairs in his room during naptime for about 40 minutes before yelling, "I need to go poop!" Chris was home for lunch and helped him go potty and came down to tell me that Freddy told him, "I totally slept for a long time. Is nap time over? I already slept!"  I didn't push him to sleep more but my suspicions that he didn't sleep at all were 'totally' confirmed when he feel asleep within 1 minute of getting buckled on the way to pick up the kids from school.

One afternoon, while waiting for me to pick him up from carpool, Alec folded a paper into 4 little compartments, filled them with dirt and 'planted' a flower and some grass for me...he's so creative and thoughtful.

I love Gwen's ballet outfit. She insists on wearing her boots because they slip on and off so easily. She's always so concerned about being on time and wants to be at least 10 minutes early every Tuesday afternoon. 

One day, Charlie decided to be extra safe and triple buckle himself in after school. Such a cute, silly boy.

We had a cub scout hike one Saturday morning. These rambunctious boys wanted to do a 'dab' pose for the picture.

I've not been able to upload videos from my phone very easily before on the blog but here's an attempt at some cute vidoes I took of Freddy recently. He is working on the trick of raising his eyebrows up and down fast. 

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