Saturday, March 11, 2017

YSA Shotgun Shooting Activity

We have some pretty cool YSA's in our branch right now. We've really enjoyed having this young single adults over to our house for FHE a few times this year.  One of them, Garrett, thought our yard would be a prefect location for a shotgun shooting activity. I've never shot a gun before and have always wanted to try so I full heartedly supported the idea.  It got postponed a time or two so we tried hard to make the current date work, no matter the weather. With the renovation fully underway and no kitchen to speak of, hosting a big BBQ was really only a good idea when I thought we'd do everything outside. The day came and it was SO COLD and RAINY.  I got out all our umbrellas and let people congregate in our one room that has heating and seating and look out the windows at the people brave enough to shoot.    I was a little nervous about stray bullets and what the neighbors would think of all the sounds of shots coming from our house. I went ahead a texted them all that morning to give them a heads up on our activity and everyone was really cool about it.. texting back for us to have fun and hit some squirrels if we could.

 Charlie tried it a few times and did well... then one time the gun kicked back and moved a bit on his shoulder so the back of the gun hit him under his eye and he didn't want to try anymore. Alec was brave enough to try shooting too and enjoyed it as well... until the gun moved on the kickback again and bruised him pretty bad on the arm.

Turns out Chris is quite the marksman! He said he'd shot a couple times before and was able after a few misses to hit a the flying clay pigeons 3 times in a row! My friend leaned over to me and told me I wouldn't have to worry in the apocalypse because Chris would obviously protect us all well enough.  The thought made me smile and I told her we'd probably need to own a gun first and she was SHOCKED to discover we didn't already have one.  It is such a normal thing down here in the South to have a gun or a dozen of them.

I tried my hand at shooting a shotgun too. I missed A LOT.  Garrett gave me some advice and I eventually did better and I hit the clay pigeon twice in row.  I tried to go for a third to match Chris, but couldn't deliver. I'd love to own a shotgun and practice some more, it was tons of fun.

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