Sunday, April 16, 2017


Saturday the Primary was in charge of cleaning the church so we combined that with the Easter Activity we had been planning. After cleaning, I took the kids out front to do an Easter Activity that actually had something to do with Jesus. I set up an obstacle course that each child had to maneuver through while holding an egg on a spoon. I demonstrated (with a raw egg) how stuck we would be in life without Jesus' Atonement to allow us second (and third and fourth, etc..) chances. I gave each of the kids a plastic golden egg and had them say "Jesus loves me" every time they dropped their egg before they could try again to complete the obstacle course.  While the kids and I did that, some of the other leaders hid eggs for an Easter Egg hunt out back. I wish I would've gotten pictures of the obstacle course activity. 

We gave the kids their own full set of mini scriptures in their baskets this year. Maybe this will make it easier to bring them to church each Sunday. ;)

Despite Chris being gone at early meetings, I managed to snap a few pictures of the kids before church. Such a cute bunch!!

We ate dinner after church with our good friends, the Gines, and then came home and did our traditional Easter Egg Roll.

This year, the winner was....

Freddy! We finished the Easter Sunday with watching the #PrinceofPeace videos online. I am so grateful for our Savior's life and sacrifice and the peace it offers me.

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