Saturday, April 29, 2017

Gwen's Spring Recitals

Gwen's class put on a sprint music recital with another class. They sang some songs, recited poems and did some dances. Gwen sang a duet for a few lines in "Lets Go Fly a Kite" and got to dress up as a silly bird and dance around the stage in another. I'm so grateful the teachers took the time to do this. Its the first thing of this kind any of my kids have done (Although they all sang a few songs at their kindergarten graduations). 

Gwen's ballet dance recital was a smashing success this year. She was nervous about it and months before it happened, would ask "how many more times until the recital?" and when I said a number like 8 she gasped and said, "but I don't know all the parts yet!?"  Like I said in the last post, she is uncomfortable in new situations involving lots of people potentially looking at her.  We talked to lots of kids and their parents and talked about how for many of the dancers, this is their favorite part and practically the only reason they TAKE dance. By the time costumes came in and we brought Gwen's home, she was happy and excited for the recital. Her and I had a little date the night before as I took her to the dress rehearsal.

The next afternoon we got all dressed up again (but put on a little make up and remembered the hair spray).  Chris and the boys got her flowers and a bar of candy while Gwen and I got her there early. The boys did really well watching all the dances. Gwen did amazing in both her ballet and tap dances. We're so proud of our little ballerina.

 Gwen and friends Jillian and Lakyn

Gwen with her student teacher Jill

 Gwen and her neighbor, Malli Brynn

Gwen, Ainsley and Malli Brynn

Gwen and her good friend from her class at school, Ainsley

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