Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hailey's bday suprise disguised as a Girls Trip

We wanted to do something special for our youngest sister's 18th birthday, kinda like what we did a while back for my other younger sister's 18th birthday. We surprised her with a sisters girls trip! Hailey found out about it a couple weeks before, but its ok, since she doesn't really like surprises or being the center of attention. So we dropped the surprise birthday part and just had a really fun girls trip to Las Vegas. Since we don't drink or gamble or enjoy seeing scantily-clad anything, the location may sound surprising... but the inexpensive flights, good shopping, shows and food is what won us over. 

I joined the group the last, late at night on a Tuesday and we stayed at a nice Marriott Hotel close to the strip (courtesy of Dad's points!!) I stayed up WAY to late talking and just being so happy to be around my mom and sisters. The next morning we checked out a yummy restaurant Skinny Fats, known for fresh, healthy, yummy food. So. So. Good. 

We wanted to go swimming and relax alot but the pools weren't very big and it was SO WINDY that we only managed to go twice for an hour or so each, but it was still so nice to have some peace and quiet mingled with great conversation. We also walked down the strip to see some favorite hotels: Paris, the Venetian, Bellagio, to name most of them.   We ate at a french bakery for brunch one morning... AMAZING. 


I'm always partial to anything French and had to get a picture with my Paris buddy, Mom.

We saw one show: KA, a Cirque De Soleil production. It was incredible: actors flying above your heads on cables, a stage that twisted and lifted to a vertical position, sand and explosions falling everywhere, and amazing acrobatics with hoops, hampster-wheel-type-things, pegs, shadow puppets, spears, and bows and arrows. Seriously Awesome.  

Our last night we came to the hotel earlier for a treat and movie night-in.

It went too quickly, but by Friday AM, I had to leave bright and early to make it home by evening. I surprised Chris and the kids by showing up at the end of our branch's Good Friday Musical Evening. Its always fun to get the biggest hugs and smiles from my kiddos. 

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