Saturday, April 22, 2017

Outside of school Activities

The schools around here do a program called Accelerated Reader (AR) where children set point goals for every 9 weeks and they earn points by reading books within their level and then getting 80% or above on a comprehension online test about the book.  Alec's teacher wanted to motivate her students to reach for even harder reading goals by offering to take any student (and a friend) on an afterschool adventure of their choice if they could reach 250% of their AR goal. Alec loved this challenge (he usually reached his normal AR goal maybe half way through the nine weeks) He and another girl reached the big 250% so Ms. Taylor took him and 3 other students to the bowling alley in Columbus. She paid for them to ride the bumper cars, bowl 2 games, get a pizza and play in the bouncy houses. It was SO generous of her and Alec absolutely loved it. 

Also this weekend, Alec and Chris went off for most of the day to a soccer tournament for Alec's Academy Soccer team, and Freddy and I cheered on Charlie and Gwen in their mile-long fun run. 

Gwen didn't really want to do it once she got there and saw all the people. I think she didn't like the idea of everyone watching her run. I tried to explain that most people there were only going to pay attention to their own children and that she would be running by lots of people. I really wanted her to do this and ended up making a deal with her by saying I would help her with her Saturday Jobs and getting extra screen time and ice cream. I knew she would really enjoy having done it, she's just really stressed out with new situations involving lots of people.  We ran into one of her friends from her class, Reed and he was super helpful in telling her she could run by him and that she should do it. 

The started the kids off in waves based on grade which was really smart and they were all organized with pick up after the finish line. The last digit of their bib number corresponded to a corral where parents had to pick up their kids. I was really impressed with the organization of the race. Just like I suspected, after getting Gwen and congratulating her, she told me she was glad I 'made her do it' because she 'had a lot of fun.'  Charlie was so fast, I couldn't even find him in his group at the starting line. He has such natural good form, its so fun watching him to athletic things. Although, Chris and I were thinking the race was slightly less than a mile, the kids ran it super fast! Charlie came in at 8:13. Gwen ran in at 10:10. Pretty impressive. 

We ran into other friends from church, the Duffs and the Leigh's (not pictured) with some of their kids. So fun to see friends. 

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Jess said...

I just discovered all these new posts! Wow! I love reading about the end of school and all the awards the kids got. Plus running, soccer, ballet, everything! You guys are so awesome! Love you so much. Oh, and this is mom, not Jessica. : 0