Wednesday, May 24, 2017

End of School Year Madness

Gwen had a nice awards ceremony the week before school got out. The cutie won the neatest handwriting award, the good listener award, an AR reading award, and an 'A' Honor Roll award.  She's really enjoyed her teachers (Ms. Walker and Ms. Jones) and classmates this year. 

Charlie was given the boy Leadership award (along with his good friend Elsa) for his class and an "A" Honor Roll award. His teacher, Mrs. Lawrence has just been singing his praises all year long. She said she could always count on him to help other people, or herself. She loved his positive attitude and overall good nature.

Alec was given the boy Leadership Award for his class and an "A" Honor Roll award.  His teachers, Ms. Taylor and Ms. Crigler would always lavish us in the Parent-teacher conferences on how much they loved depending on Alec. He would run errands for them, quickly, and without hassle, and complimented Alec on how well he treated the other kids (especially the ones who were hardest to get along with)

This year we had to say goodbye to one of our good friends, Ms. Black. She was Charlie's teacher for 1st grade but has been such a good friend to me and the kids ever since. She's moving to Jackson so we had her over for dinner a few times before she left. We'll miss her!

It was a challenge to get to both Alec and Charlie's award ceremonies as they were at the same time on opposite ends of the very big school and Chris was out of town for his NASA robot mining competition! I do not enjoy the timing of this competition... its always the last week of school, when we have field days, and awards ceremonies and I was busy watching a few extra kids for a few days. Involved single parents have so much respect from me. It is so HARD!

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