Thursday, May 25, 2017

First Week of Summer!

We started summer off with a long play date with Alec's good friend Twain and a lego party. The kids built some pretty cool landscapes with hidden entrances to secret areas like inside caves or behind waterfalls. Gwen built a cool castle.  We had to make things as fun as we can by ourselves since Chris was gone in Florida this week.  My pregnancy brain wanted lots of junk food so we had little debbie cakes, cheetohs and ice cream sandwiches.

The second day of summer we went to Lake Tiako'Khata with Audra and Dash.  I'm so glad Audra gets me out of the house to do fun things like this.

Whatever kind of Lilly these flowers are finally bloomed in one of our pots on the deck. This was left over from the people who lived in the house before us and was a total surprise to me when it popped up and started growing amongst the other flowers I had planted a few years ago. I'm glad I didn't weed it out as a weed that first year. I love it for the week or so that it stays bloomed.

Yay for no school uniform/dress code! I loved seeing Gwen sport one of my favorite shirts from when I was a little girl.  Best Reunion Shirt Ever.

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