Saturday, May 27, 2017

Front Entryway Remodel picture overview of the process

Feb 23rd: Start of demo, say goodbye to awkward front door location/level, and super tiny and tall stairs to the loft. They've already leveled some of the unevenness in the floors in this picture.

March 27th: Removed window, put header in for new front door, and halfway thru knocking out the wall.

March 10th Exterior: New front porch roof finished (and missing corner of the roof filled in) and bricks cut to make way for the new front door.

March 10th Interior: new stairs built and entry way floor level raised

March 12th: front porch cement poured, and old front porch foundation raised a bit to faciliate closet that will be built there.

 March 27th: Drywall and new front door installed.

 (view from old front door)

 April 6th: Walls painted and closet door on!

April 19th: Front entryway tile, hardwood and stair tops finished

June 8 and 9: Chris finishes up the stair railings by installing newel posts.

June 11th: Chris and I stain the front door and install a real lock/ handle and July 8th I finish painting the exterior trim.

first photo again for reference:

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dixie said...

I love seeing the step-by-step process! Really helps to understand how it all happened. And it is BEAUTIFUL!! Such nice work.