Saturday, May 27, 2017

Kitchen Remodel picture overview of the process

Feb. 21st: Start moving out of the kitchen. 

Feb. 22nd: First day of demo

February 23rd: mostly done with wall demo. 

Feb. 24th: tile and ceiling ripped up

March 10th: new walls framed in ready for drywall

March 27th: Dry wall up and mudded.

March 31st: Kids help paint the new pantry (3 sets of missionaries came to help prime and paint the kitchen walls. I do the rest.

April 6th: final coats on all walls complete.

April 10th: Day 2 of Cabinets install (both kitchen and desk area)

April 11th: Cabinets finished, Chris mounts suspended seat hardware.

April 19th: 2nd day of floors being installed!
 April 24th: Floors are finished!

May 3rd: Counters come in!

May 27th: All moved in and pretty much done! (just some trim painting left)

First photo again for reference:

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Anna McTavish said...

The kitchen looks amazing