Sunday, May 28, 2017

Mothers Day and Chris' Bday

Our branch had a spaghetti dinner for a YW fundraiser and at it they sold some Mother's day presents. It was so cute to see Chris and the kids trying to organize their efforts to get me Mother's Day gifts. 

Mothers Day morning, Chris still had early meetings (we're in a major transition time in our branch right now having to rearrange many presidencies etc..) so he wasn't able to make breakfast in bed, but Branch Council was canceled to I had a tiny bit of extra time in the morning to make Crepes. Probably in retrospect, I should've have as we were a little late, but the kids sure were happy. That's one of their favorite breakfasts.  Also they were SOOOO excited to sit in the suspended chairs we had just installed the night before. Totally awesome. 

Chris birthday, he had to leave to drive to Florida bright and early, so we celebrated the night he got back a week later. We made some posters for him, had some presents wrapped and an angel food cake dessert ready for him when he walked in the door. Oh we missed him so much. He's the fun, silly and safe part of our family and life seems empty without him around.

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