Thursday, June 22, 2017

Herriman Part 1

We enjoyed time with Tiffany/Todd and family and Jared/Ashley and family for the first few days. The girls loved playing together - Gwen did her best to lead a smooth threesome between her, Amelia and Clara. The 10 boys also loved being together... exploring the trails nearby, making stuff out of paper, throwing the balls around downstairs and playing computer games.

We had a family dinner so we could see Sarah and German and Jordan and Estefi.  Tiff and I made a tentative schedule/plan for the days we'd be there (since it was a lot!) complete with a menu and morning/afternoon activities. We didn't do everything and I feel like we did a good job of just taking it easy when we needed to. I was getting lots of headaches and still had bouts of nausea daily.

We went to the neighborhood reservoir and ate pizza for FHE. The kids LOVED to kayak and play in the water.

Somehow, Chris got a stomach bug and felt bad for an entire day and a half after this. Maybe Charlie's episode driving up, wasn't just motion sickness...maybe he had a little bug and gave it to Chris almost a week later?  He still managed to go golfing with his Dad, and get a little bit of work down plus make time to drive up to North Ogden and visit his Grandma Claudia.  We looked through pictures and just enjoyed a few hours with her. 

Another day we met Jess and her kids at this new splash pad in Draper? Riverton? I've get most of those places just north of the point of the mountain mixed up. It really was such an AWESOME splashpad mostly made to look like natural rocks and then a huge zipline and playground on the other side.

Also we cut hair together! We did the boys hair at home and then Tiffany, Mary and Clara took us to a place nearby so Gwen and I could get hair cuts.

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