Sunday, October 15, 2017

BYU game!

We've been looking forward to when BYU came to play football here at MSU for a few years. We were hoping people would come out and stay with us to go to the game and see in person the crazy awesome tailgating. BYU hasn't had that good of a season though, so I don't think many people were really wanting to see the game. Thom and Brittany and their family were planning on coming out and we were really looking forward to some family time with them. But several days before the game, Brittany's grandmother passed away and they needed to stay in TX for the funeral. We were pretty bummed but you can't get mad about a funeral!  So we bought tickets to the game anyway and just went. Chris wore BYU shirts all week to work and even squeezed into the little BYU football jersey Freddy is wearing (that I picked out from my mom's dress up boxes) to the Pumpkin Palooza event on Main Street in Starkville the night before the game. One guy commented on it and thought we were just BYU fans that came into town the night before the came and chanced on the Halloween Event! 

Anyway, it was an early game so we pretty much got up, did a few chores and then went to tailgate. Charlie wanted to wear his State Football jersey and Gwen wanted to cheer on Mississippi State too. The rest of us were all in blue and white. It took us longer than we expected to get out the door so we got to BYU's Alumni Tailgate just as it was ending. We snapped a picture and headed to the stadium to get our seats.

It is fun to sit in a big crowd and cheer on two favorite teams. We mostly cheered for BYU, but enjoyed seeing State play well.

Surprising, we stayed for the whole game. MSU won, of course, but BYU at least had a touch down and a field goal and some fun interceptions. It. Was. So. Hot. So. So. So. Hot. I got sunburned on my face and arms and was just dripping sweat the whole time.  We ate stadium food for lunch and just toughed it out with cold beverages and a fan.  After the game we hurried over to the sideline to hear the BYU team sing our fight song. That was pretty cool. Then we walked back to the car (we had parked at our old faculty housing house) and got home in the late afternoon.

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