Friday, December 29, 2017

Alec's Birthday!

We made yummy french toast with challah bread, egg nog, chocolate milk and pears for Alec's birthday breakfast.  We also opened all his presents from Chris and I and other family members on his very day. We had plans for a few friends to come over on Friday for a video game birthday party. It was Alec's idea and it was a perfect one since I could just let the kids play video games the whole time..keeping it simple for this postpartum mom. 

Alec's cake with his friends was a minecraft style cake. Two friends from school and one friend from church came. They ate pizza and played minecraft on the computer, wii in the landing and xbox in the living room.

My mom went out and got a few extra presents at the store the day of and Alec was pleased to have soo many presents to open. My mom is so great at making people feel special and loved. She's amazing.

Alec is a wonderful older brother.  He is always coming up with fun games to play and can focus for a long time on his own building things. He loves to draw and has a great sense of humor. He has masterfully combined those with a comic strip series entitled "The Julio Show" he makes at school about this guy 'Julio' who teaches kids how to do things but always ends up getting hurt in crazy funny ways.  Alec is a great student at school and is well liked by his classmates and teachers.  He tries SO HARD to never get in trouble and his teachers confessed to us this year that they sometimes don't even notice him. He's working hard on expressing his emotions appropriately at home. He gets to play legos and draws once a week with a sweet gal, Mary, who is helping us all be a little bit better with feeling angry and frustrated.  Alec and I have special one-on-one time each Wednesday night while the other kids are in bed and Chris is at YMs. We watch a BYU TV show called Granite Flats and its fun to have something special with him. 

Alec  loves to spend time kicking soccer goals out back, coming up with obstacle courses, building with legos, k'nex, or magnets or even duplos.  He likes to make surprises for people, read, make people laugh, watch Studio C and Dude Perfect. He's such a fun person to talk to one on one and is growing up to be a fine young man. I can't believe in 1 year he will be turning 12 and getting the Priesthood. I wonder if he'll be taller than me by then too.  We love Alec so much!

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