Friday, March 2, 2018

Random School and Spring-ish Fun

Alec's team at school put on a Wax Museum where they researched famous black person for Black History month. They wrote a short life sketch, memorized it and dressed up like the person. Then they stood around their auditorium and would recite the life sketch when someone pressed the red button in front of them. Alec did a famous chemist, whose name I can't remember right now. He was really good and looked super handsome in a borrowed lab coat and tie. 

Charlie was asked to be in the 3rd grade choir for the Leadership Day Assembly.  He often seems to get singled out to do the fun thing. I know his teachers in the past have told me how easy it is to rely on Charlie to get along with everyone, follow directions and be a good helper and leader. He worked on his songs at home and was so happy to get this chance. Freddy and Max always love to go to the kids school and see them. 

Gwen's teacher, Ms. Stroud, told the class that anyone that earned 300% of their A.R. (Accelerated Reader) goal, she'd take them and one friend to an MSU basketball game. Gwen got close, but her classmate, Isaiah, earned it and picked Gwen to be his + 1.

With spring fast approaching, Chris and I decided use Family Home Evening one Monday night to get our storm shelter outfitted with a few buckets with things we might need if a tornado flattened our house.  The kids love talking about natural disasters. 

The boys have loved playing outside in this mild springish weather. The daffodils are popping up in the yard and after Charlie and Freddy brought me a 'bouquet' of daffodils, I had to explain that some flowers we just leave in the yard so we can enjoy them longer.  Alec helped come up with this beautiful way to display the ones they picked. He wanted to 'bake' this mud pie in the sun with his handy outdoor pizza box oven he made. He's always finding cool things to make out of magazines or books.

Chris was out of town for an all day excursion to the temple with the youth in our branch one Saturday. I thought it would be fun to take the kids to play tennis by myself.  I took turns hitting the ball back and forth with each of the big kids while the other ones played together or pushed Max around the tennis courts. We were going to go get a redbox on the way home for a fun movie night,but the kids were fighting so much in the car (Chris needed the van, so we all squished in the little accord) that we had to go straight home.

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