Saturday, April 28, 2018

AGA Hall of Fame dinner for Jim Archibald

Chris' dad will celebrate his 60th birthday this year and also had the honor of being inducted into the Archibald Golf Association's Hall of Fame.  The Archibald siblings and James and Dixie celebrated with a golf trip all together. Chris and his siblings planned and plotted and looked forward to this for so so so long.   It started with a letter, Thom sent out almost a year ago on official AGA letterhead paper with a pre-stamped return envelope we were to send our vote for course locations.  They ended up going to some courses in Alabama along the Robert Trent Jones course trail.  Edward drove down from Idaho to Provo and got a ride with James and Dixie down to Texas where they got Jess from the airport, and picked up Thom before coming out to Starkville to stay with us for one night before taking Chris with them to Alabama.  We hosted the Hall of Fame dinner right after we got here and we really tried to deck it out complete with signs along the road (AGA Hall of Fame dinner -->), a red carpet welcome, fancy table spread, giant framed picture, decorations and fresh flowers.

They all came up with little things to make this a sweet, event and surprised everyone with little gifts. Jess and Dixie had little goodie bags with new golf shirts for everyone from their alma maters, candy and golf tees. Thom had made a hand-etched trophy for the tournament winner and an actual plaque to give James, Chris ordered a box of golf balls for everyone with the AGA logo printed on them and put together with Edward, Thom, and Jess' help a Mocumentary about James and his golfing career. People dressed up as various historians or authors and used accents to talk about all the contributions James has made to golf and the AGA.  Chris spent HOURS and HOURS working on this video. And it topped off an already magical evening with even more magic. Everyone was laughing so hard there were tears. Seriously, such a great night. Not often do the things you dream up actually reach their dream but this did and even surpassed it. It was worth all the work.

And then they all left for 3 more magical days of golfing and eating and sleeping. They had a rigorous tour schedule and played 72 holes in less than 48 hours. I'll let Chris put more information and pictures of their golf trip here:

Meanwhile the kids and I tried to clean up and survive normal life with a 4 month old nursing at night, preschool, ballet, baseball, and school. It was rough. Between his conference, this trip and another work trip to Florida in a few weeks. He'll have been gone for 3 week-long trips within 6 weeks...not including his 2 night backpacking trip with Alec. I'M READY FOR A BREAK!?!

I made this fake beard real quick for one of Chris' characters in the mocumentary. The kids all had to wear it too. 


Gwen's Ballet Recital

Gwen's ballet recital was a huge success this year! If she was nervous, she didn't complain about it! She has really loved being in the next level class and her teacher, Ms. Evelyn said she depended on Gwen and put her in the front of the group since she was so good at keeping the movements on beat.  

She had a dress rehersal the night before and it started late, so it was fun to have special late, Mommy-Gwen time. It was also a good chance to take pictures without having baby Max crawling all over me.

Saturday, she was in two performances. Dad took her to one and the boys and I joined them for the second one. Her costume was versatile, with interchangeable skirts and chokers to be like two different costumes for her ballet and tap number. Her ballet song was this cool instrumental song with a fun beat and her tap song was part of, "Sing, Sing, Sing."

We're so proud of our little dancer and love Dance Divine studios. They end each class with a prayer circle, scripture card and little toy reminder about the scripture and the music is all uplifting and the costumes age appropriate! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Sarah and Hazel come!!

My sister Sarah and her baby Hazel came to visit us for a whole week!! Hazel was born 2 days after we left Utah last summer and we've been longing to meet her. Sarah and I have never had a one-on-one visit before since usually when we get together its in Utah and we're trying to see lots of family. We're so grateful Sarah and German were able to give us their time! All the kids came with me to pick her up so we had quite the carful. A few days later the kids made a duplos model of our airport experience, complete with Sarah walking down the gang plank with Hazel. 

Half of the time, Hazel and Max were moderately interested in watching each other and half of the time completely ignored each other. The big kids loved playing with Hazel.  Freddy even turned down a playdate with his best friend, Addie, to stay and play with Hazel. 

We went on a walk to Noxubee Wildlife Refuge and walked along the boardwalks. We even saw alligators! 

We went for a walk behind our fence amongst South Farm's horse and cow pastures.

She hung out with me everywhere and I LOOOOOVED having the company. We took Gwen to ballet and cheered on Charlie at one of his baseball games. 

 We walked around campus and surprised Chris' class, showing up with our babies and strollers and pretended to be the sub.  I loved having her come to church, talking with her while we did dishes, folded laundry, picked up the kids from school, made dinner, exchanged back rubs, and watched movies.  We ate out at Anthony's in West Point for the first time and ate real good southern food: including fried alligator meatballs, creamy cheese grits, fried chicken and catfish.  Our last day we ate at Little Deweys for some southern BBQ with fried okra, fried pickles and fried green tomatoes.  I love Sarah so much and we looked forward to this trip for so long. We'd call each other every few days just to give an update on the countdown of how many more days until we saw each other.  Sisters are awesome - especially my sisters.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Sunday and spring fun

One Sunday when the kids were begging and (probably) crying, "What can I do?!" I suggested they use legos to illustrate scenes out of the scriptures then we could take a picture (which we did) and submit them to the Friend magazine (which we didn't).  Charlie illustrated the story in the Old Testament where the people were commanded to kneel down and worship a gold idol and Daniel and his friends chose to keep the commandments and NOT worship it. Charlie did a similar time frame Old Testament story of the Shadrach Meshach and Abednego getting thrown into the fire yet they didn't get burned. 

Preschool is going strong. Max can be helpful and sleep through most of it some days, and then he can be a handful and just fuss the whole time. I'm really loving the transportation theme but I'm also getting to the end of my rope and I'm finding that I'm putting less time into preparing fun new centers and just repeating activities and getting by with as little as possible.  Making Puffy Paint Rockets was really really fun.

Freddy will still take a nap most days and he does this thing were he likes to have his face covered.  He'll even bury himself completely with a blanket or covers and I might have a hard time finding him. In fact one Saturday, Charlie fell asleep up in the library and Freddy went looking for him. Upon seeing Charlie asleep, Freddy followed suit and found a cozy spot behind the chair, under a blanket, against the wall.  A hour or so later, after Charlie woke up and came downstairs we realized no one had seen Freddy for a while. We all searched frantically around the house and outside, calling his name over and over again. Finally Alec found him.

We're getting ready to landscape the front! Its so hard to figure out what we want to put there, trying to balance out colors, textures, heights, and plant-specific needs of sunlight and drainage and times of bloom with a budget. I like the plan we've come up with and it and I'm excited to put it in. (since I'm writing this months later, I can say that the dream was better than reality... we had to compromise on some plants because of price and availability and some plants look different after they grew a little and to be honest, I'm not very happy with what we did....AND the sunlight in the spring is different from our summer sun and a lot of our plants are roasting! :( I guess that's why there are professionals who do this! Its not easy.)

Sunday, April 1, 2018


One time, a few years ago, we tied each kids' basket to a long long string and wound the string all over the house and hid the basket so the kids had to follow the string to their basket. The kids LOVED this and ask us to do it every year. But its a mess and wastes LOTS of string so we've never repeated it. This year, Alec (I think) suggested we hide them but do a riddle hunt to find them. Chris loves riddles and he stayed up late the night before coming up with lots of riddles for each child and hiding the clues all over the house. The kids really enjoyed this. About 1/2 through finding her basket Gwen felt like throwing up and needed to take it easy all day. Poor girl, she couldn't even eat her candy...but she slept by it!

We dyed eggs two days before so we could have plenty of time for an Easter Egg Roll.

We did the roll in between General Conference sessions. Its a fun tradition started by my mom's family that she did growing up. I tried not to get distracted and depressed by the boys throwing fits about who got to help max or go first, or sit in certain chairs. Every family 'fun' time seems polka-dotted with fighting but we just try to not let it stop us from still trying to do fun things as a family.

I can't remember who won! It was either Max or Freddy. I do remember Charlie freaking out and throwing a tantrum that he didn't win.  I think Max won.

Freddy wanted this blanket, TAPED on to him just so, so he could be a bird, I think. It was pretty funny.

We had the Gines over for an Easter Egg hunt.  There was such a pretty sunset that night.

Max is just the cutest. I love putting him in his little baby clothes. Since I gave away most of our baby boy clothes a few months before I was pregnant with him, people have been generous and given us their old baby boy clothes. I did save a few of my very favorite outfits that all my boys have worn.  I need to do a baby picture comparison spread again.