Saturday, May 5, 2018

Garden Trial 1

With how crazy fast things grow down here in Mississippi, we've always wanted to do a garden, but other house projects combined with an unclear idea of WHERE to do it seemed to prevent us from actually doing one. We've had the supplies for a garden box in our garage for over a year and decided to just get it done even if its not perfectly planned out. In a few hours we had the frame built and filled with dirt. We hooked it up to the hose and got a timing system rigged up so it wouldn't die from our lack of attention. 

It looks so cute! I love it.  We have tomatoes, peppers, cilantro ( fresh salsa anyone?), parsley, squash and cucumbers. Let the fresh produce begin!!

When we were in the middle of dumping the dirt. We heard a big crack and CRASH! We walked around to the backyard and found a tree had fallen over. Just like that. It wasn't windy or anything. It was one of those Hackberry trees that rot from the inside out and just came crashing down. I had thought it would make a great tree house tree but Chris didn't think it was a good idea because it was a Hackberry. Good thing we listened to him and not me!

Since I'm writing this post 6 months later I can tell you how badly we failed in our garden. Something started eating the tomato plants so we covered it with netting and ramshackled it up with wood we already had and bought some pvc pipes to make something more permanent but never got around to it. The squash didn't end up being squash, it was all cucumber plants and they took over the entire garden and grew in and around the netting so its all stuck and the cucumbers taste horrible and something ate our peppers before they finished getting ripe, but that didn't really matter since before many peppers or tomatoes could grow the cucumber plants cobbled them up. I did harvest some cilantro for a meal once and some parsley. But that's it. Man, I wish I had a greener thumb.  Our guest house remodel took all our time, energy and focus.  Here's a picture of the garden 1/2 way through the summer.

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