Friday, June 8, 2018

Swimming Lessons

We signed the kids up for a week of swimming lessons. This year, Freddy got to take them too! He's such a happy, eager little boy. He was good and brave for everything except jumping in the water. He always told his teachers to "Get closer....closer.....closer...." in a tone of voice like he's excitedly leading them on a hide and seek game. And then he'd jump as far as he could and practically land on their head. Haha. 

They put Charlie in the top group since he didn't seem nervous about swimming the entire length of the pool. Gwen and Alec and one other boy they broke off to be able to help them more, but Alec would've been fine in either group.

Meanwhile Max and I would sit at the tables outside the pool and pass the time talking with other moms. Max would enjoy watching the kids if I let him stand on the top edge of a chair back so he could see over the wall.  Gwen offered to trade the toy she picked out of the treasure box with another little girl who was crying about the toy she got. It was so nice and big of Gwen. I'm so proud of my kids. 

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